Get a move on: Not just for you, but Baby too! photo 1

Get a move on: Not just for you, but Baby too!


All right mommies-to-be… it’s time to quit eating that pint of Ben & Jerry’s and get off the couch! All kidding aside, you undoubtedly know that exercise is one key ingredient in your anti-aging arsenal. Staying active, flexible and fit is essential to your health, and your well-being. So it should come as no surprise that pregnancy is an opportunity to give your body the best of what it needs to get ready for labor and delivery, too. Being active during those nine months often helps new moms deliver faster and recover quicker in the post-partum period. Exercise might also help your baby as well; studies show moms who exercise have babies with lowered risk for colic.  So there you have the facts. Yet some of you (and I was guilty myself while pregnant) will find excuses to not get moving, so here are a few trimester-focused ideas to get you motivated. Read on…

First Trimester

Walking, running, lifting weights, or even training for a 5K are all great goals! Your baby is only the size of a lipstick tube during this trimester so most anything is safe as long as you make your OB aware of your plans. Are you insanely tired or day-in-and-day-out nauseated? Perhaps a brisk walk can give you more energy or clear your nausea, but if not, then don’t berate yourself.

Second Trimester

You’re starting to show. Congrats! Now is the time to skip workouts that involve lying on your back to avoid pressure on the vena cava. Light weights and cardio (such as swimming) are ideal for the second trimester. The great news is that you’ve probably got your energy back, so take advantage of it and enjoy the outdoors!

Get a move on: Not just for you, but Baby too! photo 0

Third Trimester

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While you may feel huge and bloated, and your balance may be a bit off kilter, it’s important to stay active. Besides, even walking can help you both mentally and physically as your delivery date nears.  Many moms-to-be enjoy yoga. You might also try riding a stationary bike. And of course, a pregnancy massage is a great way to relax and enjoy a little pampering before your due date.

Parting Thoughts

I was able to stay active for most of my pregnancies. While it’s tough to get motivated at times, I found that reminding myself that I was keeping fit for me AND my baby helped me stay focused.

Susan McLean is the Marketing & Creative Director for Uncle Matt’s Organic. She and her husband, Matt McLean (“Uncle Matt”) reside in Florida with their two children.

***DISCLAIMER:  Pregnancy Awareness Month & Uncle Matt’s are not medical providers. This information is provided from a mom’s perspective. We encourage all women, pregnant, post partum, and otherwise to check with their own Primary Care Provider PRIOR to starting ANY exercise programs. 

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