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Healthy Skincare Revealed, For Mom & Baby

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Today it’s easier then ever to purchase natural skincare products with organic ingredients and essential oils.  Long gone are the days where the only shampoo for baby was “Tear Free”. So what’s the big deal, right?  Just go to Whole Foods or and grab a lotion or shampoo, simple right?  Not so fast mama, there are a few things you should know so that you can make the best choice to have healthy skin for you and baby.

Simply because something is natural or organic, does not necessarily mean it is always good for babies. Let’s assume you know to avoid synthetic fragrances, SLSs, parabens, phthalates, harsh preservatives and petroleum by-products. Now, what about the other stuff that is critically important for you to know about skincare products – both natural and not-natural?

First, who am ?  Yes, I’m the Founder of a national skincare line, Episencial.  True.  But that isn’t where the story begins.  I’m actually part of an international natural skincare legacy, one of first products used by the medical community and dermatologists called Epicuren.  My dad created that line, and it was my life for as long and as far back as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is sitting on the kitchen counter when my dad was working on a new colostrum serum with all his equipment all over the place. When he would get inspired, he used to play with ingredients in the kitchen for endless hours and days on end before he would take anything to the formal labs for testing and further development. When Epicuren was founded, dermatologists did not use skincare, they used only pharmaceuticals and knives. One of the first and hardest tasks we had to accomplish was educating the doctors and nurses that they could incorporate skincare into their practices to reduce invasive procedures, and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

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We were pioneers, along with only a small handful of other brands. It is a different version of the same kind of work I still do today. Having children caused me to shift my focus from adults to babies 10 years ago, but essentially the passion for the idea of natural products is all the same.

When my first son was born, I realized that parents were not only being mislead and misinformed about baby skin and skincare, the products that were available to them were not offering even a fraction of the benefits available through the use of healthy ingredients. Further, some parents were unknowingly potentially putting their baby’s health at risk by repeatedly slathering carcinogenic, harmful ingredients all over their little one’s skin.

With you and your baby’s utmost health and safety in mind, below are 3 must-know tips about baby skincare products:

1. Tune in to pH

Mom’s & baby’s skin has a balanced pH of about 5.5 to stay healthy and for optimal whole-body immunity.  Water has a pH of 7, which is one of the reasons giving baby a daily bath could do more harm than good. Use a pH balanced (that means a pH of 5.5) hair and body wash specifically designed for baby. After bath, moisturize with a pH balanced cream, lotion, or massage serum to counteract water’s pH and maintain proper skin hydration and barrier protection.

2. Avoid Proteins

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Proteins are often responsible for allergic reactions – especially gluten and other grain proteins. Introducing proteins too early through skin contact is an unnecessary risk.  Avoid any product with Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein, and Pansy Extract.  Sounds healthy right?  See how this is tricky?

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3. Think Twice About ‘Tear Free’

The idea that tearing is bad, is completely false. Tearing is the body’s natural response to having something in the eye that doesn’t belong there to help flush it out and protect the eye from possible harm.  So if a product is harmful, but is able to mask the tearing reflex….that might not be the best thing for the baby’s eyes.

Information is power.  Make informed purchases.

Additional article as a resource for you:  here.

Kim Walls is an internationally recognized skincare expert focused on optimizing health through skincare. Leading child health advocacy groups and national media rely on Kim’s clinical expertise to help parents navigate the often confusing world of natural skincare.

**Remember PAM is not giving medical advice or any type of advice.  Our blog is based on our interest and passion about all things pregnancy and new mama! Tips, sure we provide them. We love to share our experiences! And our guest bloggers are sharing their opinions.  You need to be responsible for formulating yours.  We remind you to use your common sense, and seek medical advise for any health related problems or questions that you might have.  We are not doctors, nurses, or any type of health professional.

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