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When is the last time your were still?  Where you paused, and stopped to smell the roses?  Do you have any idea what I mean by #ThankfulThursday? If you have a baby or toddler, it can feel like go go go, all the time.  But there is a rhythm that can be found in our days.  There are ways to be free from the non-stop pull of our lives, to simplify.  There are 2 movements occurring that are encouraging this:  Simplicity Parenting (steeped in actual theory about childhood, parenting, and family development) and Hands Free Mama, a mom of two that decided a few years ago that she was going to step back from “daily distractions” and be fully present during the best years of her life with her family.

Doing it all doesn’t necessarily mean crossing stuff off a “to do” list.  How about flipping it to being all and ever present in the eating of a snow cone with your child, or watching your baby laugh at dad playing peak-a-boo.  When we get still, even for a few seconds, we see and hear things that we had previously missed, stuff that was literally right in front of us!

Do you wave at your child, husband, etc to wait until you are done texting, FB posting, tweeting, or emailing?

Do you say “hurry up” to your young child as they are walking too slowly to the car?

Do you get angry with your toddler because they want to smear the plum all over their face while eating it?

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Do you interrupt people while they are talking?

Do you speed every time you drive the car?

Have you noticed if you are holding your breath while you type or while you speak?

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Do you talk with your mouth full?  Or eat in the car?

Are you talking to people on the phone while you are going to the bathroom?

Do you ever spend an entire Sunday or Saturday lounging in the house with your family NEVER getting out of your pj’s?

If you answered yes to any of these or all of these, except the last one, it’s time for you to practice some stillness, and be grateful that you have chosen to do just that.

Some of my fav blogger sites that focus on this subject:

Simplicity Parenting

Hands Free Mama

An AMAZING podcast from On Being about getting quiet.

Team PAM


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