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Parenting is a Work in Progress

The years we spend mothering small children can be some of the most exciting and joyful, and let’s be honest, some of the most stressful and sleepless.  As parents, we don’t usually have concentrated periods of solitude to explore yoga and meditation, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be part of our lives.  One thing that keeps me sane on this at times challenging path is taking time to explore how parenting can become the spiritual journey, right here, right now, dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and all!”

Like a yoga practice, parenting is a work in progress – we can always welcome improvement and patience with our process.

By allowing our children to be a reflection of our “moment,” they help us to be present.

If they are extra hyper, defiantly lethargic, or uncooperative, take a moment to check in with your breath, posturing, mood.  They often reveal our inner selves to us.

A great deal of what I’ve learned through my yoga practice applies beautifully to parenting.  For example, the majority of our day is spent off the yoga mat, so how we live is far more important than perfecting a single kriya.  As my son’s first teacher I understand that I can be his most effective guide by being my best and as a living example of my purest intentions and values.  Some of these important teachings for me are:

1. Hold in Nature in high regard.

2. If you don’t take care of yourself first you have nothing to give others.

3. Notice your breath, take time to smell, feel, taste, and give thanks for it throughout the day.

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4. Stretch and move your body in every way every day and enjoy music while doing it.

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5. Look people in the eyes and smile – even if you’re not feeling good – you will!

6. Eat slowly and with awareness of where the food came from and how its effecting your body.

7. Ask how people are doing/feeling and really listen to their response.

8. Be curious about the world and ask questions.

9. Accept what is and let go of expectations.

Following is my short and simple YouTube Yoga for parents: 6 Minute Yoga Set for Busy Parents

Crystal D’Angora combines her many years as a Pilates and Kundalini, prenatal, and children’s yoga teacher with her mommy-hood and love of movement to help you find the joy of movement in your body. Follow her at Twitter: @Lightleaders

***Please remember that the PAM Blog is not about giving you advice, we are mom’s who love all things pregnancy and all things parenting.  We are sharing our experience and our passion.  Please use your judgement in all decisions you make regarding your body and your parenting, and discuss with your partner and seek expert advisement as warranted.

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