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#ThankfulThursday Birth without Violence

  • Alisa Donner
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From the Book: Birth without Violence

It seems impossible to think that in 1975 a book written by a French OBGYN, Frederick Leboyer, would be challenging the minds of most of the western world with the idea that babies might have feelings as they were being born, and that the modern ways that we had developed, were possibly experienced by the crying newborn as violent.

He was one of the main influencers behind the movement to alter the environment of modern birthing in hospitals, to dimming the lights, and becoming quieter, calmer places. And to placing the baby on the mother’s belly as soon as it was born, as opposed to slapping or holding by his ankles.

This book, its title, profoundly honest images, and his questions revolutionized the way we view birth, and challenged us to consider it from the infant’s perspective.

I am so grateful for the voices in this world that shed light in darkness and encourage change for the better.

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Alisa Donner, MSW, LCSW, Co-Founder of PAM, and mother to a spontaneously home birthed child!

Image from the Book:  Birth without Violence

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