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#ThankfulThursday – Breastfeeding!


Today marks the kick-off of  the World Breastfeeding Week Campaign.   Can I get a WOOT?!

#ThankfulThursday this week is dedicated to the brilliance of the female body, its perfect capacity to create a magic elixir called breastmilk – the complete food for the newborn and baby!  Brava to all of us women!

#ThankfulThursday today is also celebrating the pioneers in the USA that brought nursing BACK as the preferred method for feeding a newborn/baby (AMAPeds endorsed). Thank you my sisters of the late 70′s and 80′s for choosing breast as best, and struggling to learn how to do what is so natural without your own mother’s often to help (since they used formula most likely!)

#ThankfulThursday is also in gratitude to the women who continue to pave the way of removing the stigma, corporate policies, and in some cases LAWS so that women can nurse in public and not be penalized!  National legal amendment signed in Sept. 1999.  Breastfeeding is NOT sexual people!  It is NOT indecent exposure!  It is feeding and union!

#ThankfulThursday is honoring today the women who continue to bond with their young children through breastfeeding, long after they are walking, and eating solids.  Let us all support mothers who prioritize connection.  They will wean, don’t worry. 

Lastly, #ThankfulThursday is remembering that breastfeeding can be difficult to start.  That support for the newly nursing mom (BEFORE DISCHARGE FROM THE HOSPITAL) is crucial.  And to consider milk banks if a serious illness or unforeseen accident interferes with mom nursing.  To know that coaching is available and even if you haven’t been able to nurse in the beginning, you might be able to re-engage your milk supply, so ask for help, seek knowledgable people.  And let us all support, and love these moms!

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And a big kudos to all the women and men our there that have dedicated their careers to supporting breastfeeding, teaching women how, and advocating for the right to nurse!


#ThankfulThursday - Breastfeeding! image 0

La Leche League

Best for Babes

The Pump Station

Women Veteran’s Healthcare

Office on Women’s Health 

Alisa Donner, MSW, LCSW, Co-Founder of PAM, is also a mother and breastfeeding advocate.




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