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9-Month Plan to Get your Body Back After Pregnancy

How long will it take to get my body back? This is the question we are asked daily in our FIT4MOM business. There is so much pressure to get our pre baby bodies back. Our thought is that it took 9 months for your body to change, so you should give it that much time to return.         

Here is a 9 month plan to get your body back:

  •  MONTH ONE: Rebuild Your Core

Begin to re-strengthen your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles with gentle pelvic rocks and kegel contractions.


  •   MONTH TWO: Walk This Way

Begin gentle walking. Both you and your baby will appreciate getting out of the house and into the fresh air.


  •   MONTH THREE: Start Your Stroller Workout

Get fit with your baby, the stroller and a supportive new group of friends by joining a group stroller exercise class like Stroller Strides.  Outside of class, take baby on a rigorous walk that includes hills and varying speed intervals. Make sure you are focused on good posture while pushing your pram.

  •   MONTH FOUR: Use Baby as Your Barbell

Maximize your workout and your time with baby by using your little one as a weight. Using a front pack baby carrier, engage in squats, lunges and plies, rest baby on your middle for abdominal-strengthening hip bridges, or lift baby in the air for chest presses.


  •   MONTH FIVE: Fuel Yourself

You don’t need to diet. Instead, focus on eating a variety of whole foods including lot’s of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from processed and packaged foods.

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  •   MONTH SIX: Find the Me In Mommy
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Find someone to watch your baby and get in a workout that’s just for you. A class such as Body Back is a results based program for moms at any stage of motherhood. Find what inspires you, be it yoga, bootcamps or running.


  •   MONTH SEVEN: Measure Your Baby Steps

They say that the longest journey begins with a single step. Measure your strength and endurance (for instance, how many push ups can you do). Each workout see if you can add one more rep or a little more time. Those baby steps will add up!


  •   MONTH EIGHT: HIIT Your Workout

Moms don’t tend to have a lot of time for workouts. A short High Intensity Interval Training workout can pack a big punch. Just 20 minutes can rev up your metabolism for the next 24 hours!


  •   MONTH NINE: Remember Your Role Model Status

Your motivation to be a fit mom is admirable, but remember that being a great mom and a role model comes first.Show your little one that your goal is health and wellness and not just a size or number on the scale. Celebrate all of the joys of being a new mom – even if it means some new curves.

 Lisa Druxman, MA, Chief Founding Mom, Fit4Mom 

*PAM requests that you ALWAYS check in with your medical provider BEFORE starting any exercise program, whether you are pregnant or not.

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