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Heal Your Kitchen, Heal Your Life

Here is more of my interview with Jules Blaine Davis, kitchen healer, based in LA, who is redefining nourishment in our kitchens and what it looks like to gather, cook and eat simple healthy beauty food inside all the needs of a busy life.


PAM: How do you work with new moms in the kitchen? How do you help them transition from breastfeeding to hand feeding?


JBD:  When we are breastfeeding we are connected to our food source in so many ways; physically, emotionally and so much more is going on. This gorgeous variety of feelings is the creative source to nourishment. When we breastfeed, we are sated in such a deep and intimate way by feeding our babes, the connection truly feeds us. This hormonal dance between you and your baby is such a beauty love fest! It is creating what it means to nurture each other and be nourished. You and your baby are learning this together, it’s magical to learn about food in this way. You, as the mama, are giving your love, your medicine, your best cake, all to your baby and it’s so vital that you are feeding you too!  It is definitely a ‘from the neck down’ experience to create food in this way! Who knew we were so hungry for this kind of love? When we shift over to feeding our families and ourselves food from our own hands, we want to keep this same connection to our feelings, to the emotional source, the intimacy we felt and the SIMPLICITY of it all…. in how we gather and create simple healthy foods. The first step is in the gathering of your food. I always suggest finding what is growing closest to your kitchen with love and integrity; your nearest farmer’s market or your garden! Seek out what makes you say ‘BEAUTY!’ and buy all the beauty you can. You will be inspired to cook, cut, and chop. If you don’t know what to do with it, look for it on the blog or email me ()! Keep it simple, doable, and full with beauty.

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PAM: And by “healing kitchen” you mean what exactly?


JBD: My goal is to get you cooking (healthy, delicious, beauty) within your life, your schedule, your budget, your EVERYTHING, inside a kitchen that you love, that inspires you, that feels like you. To heal a kitchen is to connect to it, the actual space, to do that we have to break open the heart of it. Our first meeting is a consultation where I meet your kitchen and hear your story. We make a plan.


Part one is about cleaning it all out, the drawers, cabinets, pantry, fridge, and freezer. We listen to the stories inside our tools, our heirlooms, our crap, all of it. We keep what inspires us, what works, what we need to cook simple healthy food. We get rid of what is no longer serving you. It could be unhealthy, broken, or something you need permission to give away sustainably. Once the kitchen is cleaned out, we replenish it with the essential tools and a basic pantry. I create a flow that is aligned with the physical space that you have to work in. Once you feel this shift, you begin to feel excited and inspired to cook!

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Part 2 is about shopping. We go to the markets, super & farmer’s together.  I see how you do it, where you get stuck & I show how to gather in this new way. Part 3 is all cooking! Once we have gathered the food, I show you all the ways you can cook and make this nourishment happen inside your newly inspired kitchen.

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We do this a few times until you feel like you have the wheel and feel confident. Then you can seek seasonal inspiration on the blog, see me at the market, a check-in consultation and come back every season for a miracle in my kitchen!


PAM: What about your work has inspired you the most?


JBD: This process is hugely about trust; trusting me, trusting yourself, trusting the process, trusting that this investment of time and money will create a cook in the kitchen, a connection to food in a new way and a healthier family dynamic around food and eating together.


I am inspired by my client’s courage to create a new story, their hunger to grow & expand with grace no matter how deeply emotional it may be…I am inspired by the vulnerability we bring to the process. Then we make an amazing soup, sauté some kale, hug it out and call it an amazing day.

Jules Blaine Davis is creating a movement in redefining what it means to nourish ourselves and our families with food and beauty inside our busy lives. You can find her expressing this movement on her blog, instagram (@julesbdavis), the Hollywood farmers market on sundays, one on one in your kitchen, inspiring & speaking to groups all across America and of course in her kitchen.


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