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#ThankfulThursday – Pregnancy is Internal

Photograph by Ingrid Franz Moriarty, all rights reserved

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What does Pregnancy is internal mean? Kind of like what does Pregnancy Awareness mean, right?  It’s 1 part “duh” and another part “ahhh”.    There is so much happening inside our bodies when we are pregnant, think of it for a moment.  Life is being created, inside of your body.  A baby, or perhaps 2, is growing.  All his vital organs are forming, blood is circulating, her heart is pumping, and she is splish splashing around inside of your womb having a ball!  And your body is changing, it is morphing in order to not only feed and protect this growing being, but also to prepare for her birth, and to be able to feed him once he is outside of your body.  This is miraculous, absolutely no doubt.
While all of this is happening, we go on about our lives, yet a tad bit more airy.  Some might call it spacey, or pregnancy brain.  But are feet aren’t necessarily firmly planted during this time, our body and brain power, and spirit is working hard to create this life and prepare for its growth. Its a bit distracting, but we aren’t necessarily in touch with how distracted we actually are.  We are more tired for sure, and eventually it gets more difficult to be comfortable sitting, driving a car, and even sleeping.
The women’s movement in the 60′s and 70′s worked hard to identify pregnancy not to be an illness or a disability, they fought for equality in rights and, well you know the story.  And I was born and a young child during that time, but now as a mom I realize that they didn’t quite represent the picture accurately.  It is a different time of life.  A time to savor and a time to honor.  It is OK to take that time, the 40 weeks or so, to move at a slower pace, enjoy the simplicity of life, and have some alone time.  For life is soon going to change forever.  Sleep, hunger, independence, movie night, your sex life, will all have to be prioritized for the needs of the infant and the growing family.
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So yes, pregnancy is internal, and honor it, enjoy it, savor it.  It will not last, and all you will have of it will be pictures and your memory.#ThankfulThursday honors this internal quiet time for the pregnant woman.
Alisa Donner, MSW, LCSW, Co-Founder of PAM, and mother to an amazing wonder.
Image courtesy of photographer Ingrid Franz Morarity.  Please contact her to inquire of her photography and stock usage, as well as to schedule a session.  And follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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