Sneak Peak of New Baby Gear Showing at ABC Kids Expo image 1

Sneak Peak of New Baby Gear Showing at ABC Kids Expo

Each October practically every baby gear/food/product company in America (and some international) gathers, along with pregnancy and baby magazines, to display their merchandise.  It is typically THE time of the year where they launch new products or reveal future launches.  Most of all the Mom Bloggers are at the show too, as are Mommy Clubs, so you are probably seeing a variety of info on this show out on the web.  This year ABC Kids Expo is back in Las Vegas, and it appears that a terrific time is being had by all.  Team PAM is there, and they sent me some sneak peaks late yesterday that I will share with you now.

Everybody loves Moby Wrap!  Wearing your newborn is a must, especially if you are an attachment parenting type of gal.  This year Moby is teaming with American Forests.  They will plane a tree for every wrap that is purchased.  Wow.  Love that they are giving back in such a tangible way!  And remember, that they always have organic options for their fabrics.  Check them out.

Three years ago I walked the Expo floor, only it was in Louisville.  And I must state that it was very difficult to locate healthy food to eat for lunch in that convention center!  The line for the one vendor that was selling salads was super long, and while in it I met the most adorable woman who was a co-founder in a new product that was launching called Buggy Love.  Well, she and I became fast friends, and PAM became a lover of Buggy Love!  They originally created organic cleaning products for your stroller, car seat, etc.  This year they have announced a new line of cleaning products for the home.  They have a lot to say about what is truly green and what is truly organic on their website. These products work great and smell wonderful, and are totally natural.

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Buggy Love introduces home cleaning product line!

And I will close this blog in the mode that I started, which was on baby wearing.  Beco has great carriers that provide a different type of support than the traditional cloth wrap or sling.  This week they have revealed 3 new fabrics that you can now choose from, and they have named them all boy names…there is a story there somewhere…will keep you posted:  Charlie, Ellie, and Levi (shown from left to right).

3 new colors from Beco Baby Carrier, all boy names….what’s the story?

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I hope to have more sneak peaks to share with you on Monday.  After Team PAM finishes the show later this week, we will rummage through more images and post them.  In the meantime, peruse these products and their companies and have some fun!

Alisa B. Donner, MSW, LCSW, Co-founder of PAM, and mom to an amazing wonder

**DISCLOSURE:  None of the companies listed in this blog post are current sponsors of PAM, in other words, these products and our sharing of them with you are NOT paid endorsements.



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