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#ThankfulThursday – Falling into Fall

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Image by Ingrid Franz Moriarty, all rights reserved

We are here, even in SoCali, Fall. It rained today, and everyone I bumped into expressed excitement that our Autumn season had finally arrived with cool crisp air and rain!  As you travel through your pregnancy this Fall, or you glide in and out of the postpartum hell – bliss with your newborn, consider the season.  Pregnancy and the initial stages of postpartum allow for you to have a heightened awareness of the present.  With pregnancy you are practically overwhelmed of the senses of and surrounding your physical body.  The changes that are happening second by second are truly felt, I believe that is part of why we get so spacey…it’s a LOT to take in!

In early postpartum, you are falling in love with the baby outside of your body.  You are also recovering from the physical workout of labor.  Realizing the impact of sleep deprivation, is not easy, but you are so keenly aware of it.  Your body responds to the cry of your newborn.  The awareness of now is direct, and deep.  The discomfort and the joy.

So, Autumn is a time to release of the old, and moving toward the season of winter sleep. Allow yourself to see the changing of the temperature, the colors of the leaves, the rustle of the squirrels as they rush to stuff their bellies before the frost. Exhale.

My daughter sang me this song of Fall tonight as I put her to bed, what a lovely poem:

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“Softly glide on silent toe, Down from heaven to earth I go, Brown and green and gold and red, Softly Softly Softly tread.”

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Alisa B. Donner, LCSW, Co-Founder of PAM, and mother to an amazing wonder.

Photography credit goes to the most gracious and talented Ingrid Franz Moriarty.  Contact her about her images or to book a portrait session. She is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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