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Anna Getty & Alisa Donner, EMA Awards 10/19/13 – Proud Moment!

A week ago my bestie and partner in Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM), Anna Getty, received an award from the Environmental Media Association (EMA), for being a Green Parent.  EMA held their 23rd annual awards on the Warner Brother’s Studio lot October 19th.  It was tons of fun!  Actors like Matt Damon and Hayden Panettiere were there receiving awards for Ongoing Commitment and the Futures Award. Darren Criss of Glee performed a wonderful acoustic song.  And the environmentalist and sobering Bill McKibben was given a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The EMA is a nonprofit organization that works to encourage, inspire, and request that media use their power to educate the global public on environmental issues.  They award films, TV shows and digital content for portraying environmental realities accurately.  That Saturday evening they also honored the Screen Actors Guild Awards on producing an event with zero waste ( or very close to it).

It was fun to have a taste of Hollywood and sit in an awards show.  It was an honor to sit with my friend and PAM partner and Founder, Anna Getty, as she prepared to accept the award and make her speech.  Anna has been an inspiration to me for our entire friendship, certainly pushing me to consider a life of only organic and sustainable food for myself and my family.  We have certainly discussed passionately at times who our partners and sponsors should be for PAM, as we only do business with companies that we use with our families and in our homes.  Anna encouraged me to move completely away from plastic or paper grocery bags, long before LA made it illegal for grocery stores to use them.  She models a green home in a serious way, never bringing harsh chemicals into her home, using cloth towels instead of paper, only cloth or linen napkins, and she walked away from toxic makeup and hairspray years ago, even when she has to go onto the red carpet!  She endlessly supports environmental causes, has been on the Board of Healthy Child Healthy World, The Organic Center, and is currently serving on the Board of the Environmental Working Group.  She is generous to the core when it comes to environmental and organic issues.  And takes a stand time and time again for midwifery, home births, and conscious parenting.

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It has been great fun working with Anna on PAM for the past 7 years and producing her 2 cook books, including “I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas.”  It was a fabulous moment to see a montage of images of our tireless work on PAM up on the big screen of the Warner Brother’s lot that Saturday night, images of our LA Events and all the amazing sponsors, and of our fabulous Advisers; it was a special moment for me as well.   True to form, Anna used the opportunity to have the spotlight shine on the work of PAM, uplifting women and new parents to have the best pregnancy possible, and step into parenting thoughtfully, understanding our choices and options as well as the power behind our purchases.

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Anna Getty, EMA Green Mom Award Acceptance Speech (10/19/13/)

Thank you Anna for Founding PAM, and for your endless belief that one mom can make a difference, not only for her family, but globally.

Alisa B. Donner, MSW, LCSW, Co-Founder of PAM, and mom to an amazing wonder.



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