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The Best Present Ever, While Pregnant This Holiday

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Photography by Anthony Dimino, all rights reserved

It’s the holidays, and if you are pregnant, I have the Best Present Ever that you could give to your partner, family, even your baby-to-be.  Damn ladies, its the best gift for you too, and trust me you will remember it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  Hint, it has to do with that amazing bump your are walking around with.  Yep your pregnant belly!

Are you following me?  Back when my mom was pregnant, her generation for some reason did not embrace the pregnant form as beautiful.  There are no pictures of my mother while she was pregnant with me, as in zero.  I pause here to say “Thank you” to Demi Moore for that Time Magazine cover, already many moons ago. It really shifted the tide to thinking and looking at the pregnant woman differently:  sexy, beautiful, creative, bountiful.  Ah, look at all the amazing images we can grab on the web at any moment of a gorgeous pregnant woman.  It is fantastic!

I encourage you, no, that is too mild, I implore you to hire someone – yes fork out some cash, and have a professional take images of you while you are pregnant.  At this point in our history ladies, there are professional Pregnancy Photographers in practically every town in the USA.  They can be artistic, or sexy, or portrait style.  Whatever you feel most inspired with, but have it documented, and make sure you have more than one shot that you LOVE!  My husband is a director and a photographer,  but somehow, we only got 2 images of me pregnant.  One is incredibly artistic and we have it framed and hanging in our bedroom, and the other is more of a portrait.  And can I admit to you all right now that it just isn’t enough?  TRUTH!  I wish I had more images!  And somehow we made it thru that Holiday Season without taking ANY images of my belly, yes zero.

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So, start now while the belly is full.  Or just starting to peak out.  Get into the habit of having images taken of this AMAZING, MYSTERIOUS, and WONDERFUL time.  It is soooooo unique.  And it goes by all too quickly.  If I had it to do over again, I would have had some sort of tongue in cheek Santa shot with my belly and sent it in a card.

The Best Present Ever, While Pregnant This Holiday photo 0

And my daughter, let me tell you, she LOVES those 2 shots of my belly.  She stares at them and holds them close.  Placing her hand on the belly part of the image.  It is a gift for her to see my belly full of her growing form.

Get inspired ladies, and just like Oreo’s or Potato Chips, one image of that fantastic bump of yours just is NOT going to be enough!

Alisa B. Donner, MSW, LCSW, Co-Founder of PAM and mother to an amazing wonder!

Thank you Viviene Zehr Benjamin for sharing your wonderful belly portrait with us!

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