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Have A Heart, Drink A Smoothie

Heart Healthy Smoothie

I think drinking a homemade smoothie is a great way to consume vital vitamins and nutrients. They sure taste great – I’m NOT talking about Jamba Juice here people!

Smoothies are WAY easier to make then you think, all you need is a powerful blender (VitaMix, Blentec, Bullet, Ninja) and some fresh ingredients, and woot, you are ready to go!

I asked my dear friend, Jill, who is one of my go-to mom’s in my hood when it comes to eating healthy. She also makes a delicious smoothie. At Pregnancy Awareness Month  we look to kitchen table knowledge, hands on experience by being a mom, as well as the professional with degrees and licenses, etc. This post is not professional advice, but kitchen table wisdom. Check with your medical provider as you see the need. And if you are diabetic, have heart disease or high cholesterol and/or have food allergies, or if you have been put on a very specific diet by a professional, by all means, use your common sense here.

There are many different opinions about what type of diet is “heart healthy”. Even Dr. Oz is questioning this. Some people think that the old fats that we used to have in all of our foods, like coconut butter and palm oil, eggs, real milk fat and butter, are actually heart friendly and just got a bad rap from modern science. That would be the Westin A. Price or Nourishing Traditions crowd.

Other folks say low fat, low cholesterol is the name of the game. That would be most of your registered dietitians, and western medical providers. When I asked Jill it took her less than 30 seconds to rattle off the ingredients she thinks would be a part of any Heart Healthy Smoothie. And I quote her, “Not sure what you mean by heart healthy, but I believe cholesterol is healthy for people, so saturated healthy fats are heart healthy in my opinion.”

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Jill’s favorite smoothie ingredients for the heart:

(it is a given that all ingredients would be organic if that is possible, locally sourced, if that is possible, and nuts would be raw)

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• Cocoa • coconut butter or oil, or ghee • colostrum • Hemp seeds • Berries (Jill says they are heart healthiest and make the antioxidants in cacao powder 4 times as powerful) • Banana • Raw Spinach • Fresh Mint is tasty • powdered greens • Nuts: Brazil or almonds (or if you are super tricky add homemade almond or Brazil nut milk) • Cayenne (legend has it is good for the heart, circulation and contains vitamin C). • Coconut water or just water and some ice

Blend away while visioning yourself and a kind person experiencing random acts of kindness, and enjoy!

Another Jill quote: “I honestly think you keep your heart healthy with exercise and kind thoughts. You eat healthy fats to keep your brain humming.” Go Jill!

In my humble opinion, I think it is great to ask and look for answers everywhere. So heart healthy, YES! Nutritious snacks, yes! But, if you want medical advice, go to WebMD or MayoClinic.com.

BTW, Jill Jasen Ross is a CHT, a clinical hypnotherapist, a mother of 2, and in AMAZING shape – she is gorgeous! Thanks Jill!

Alisa B. Donner, MSW, LCSW, Co-Founder of PAM and mom to an amazing wonder.


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