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Exactly What is a Green Parent?

When I was newly pregnant with my first child over 9 years ago I began to look at the bigger picture. Not only did I begin to think about what I was putting on and in my body and how these things would affect my growing child but I also began to think more about my values, more about nature and the earth and how I wanted to raise my child.

Before my pregnancy I dibbled and dabbled in the environmental movement and although I was familiar with organic food, I did not fully understand the significance of eating organic and sustainably produced food and how it impacted the environment. I also recycled and brought cloth bags to the grocery store.

Now I cannot call myself an environmentalist per say but I have made part of my life’s work to educate moms and parents about our choices and options.

As mothers we have so many decisions to make from the products we purchase to what values we decide to instill in our children.

Our babies are born naked, with nothing, not one possession and by the time they are three years old have most like been through thousands of diapers, 2-3 strollers and more toys than they can count.

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Few of our children will have a direct connection to somethings as basic as animals and trees other than from cartoons, books, petting zoos and playgrounds. Do we choose to cultivate that relationship to nature that will foster conscientious children that will one day be adults?

For the most part I think most of us want to say that we did our part to protect the planet and that we teach our children to do the same. We can be as proactive as our time and energy allow. We cannot do everything but we can do our part. We can choose not to judge others or ourselves for that matter for not doing enough.

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Let us be kind, curious, helpful, compassionate and of service in even the tiniest way. Let’s being living examples and set the intention to do our best. Our children will follow our lead.

Anna Getty, Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month, author, Holistic Lifestyle Expert, EMA Award Winner, and mother of almost 3 (yay Anna’s preggo again!)

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