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Momnesia, Pregnancy Brain, Really?


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Have you ever heard of momnesia?  How about pregnancy brain?  I certainly remember being forgetful or feeling like I was in a bit of a fog during my pregnancy, especially in the 3rd trimester.  Many women raise their hands when polled about experiencing pregnancy brain.  PAM Founder Anna Getty, currently pregnant with her 3rd, recently described to me, “It feels like my brain has migrated south to my uterus, never to return!” 

An article posted on WebMD sites a study from The Australian National University which states that although a woman’s brain does not change during pregnancy, there is some evidence in research that shows deficits in memory do occur.  Truth be told, it may have more to do with stress and sleep loss, or even the surges in hormones…all of which can impact memory or how brain circuits function.

Mayo Clinic states, “there isn’t enough evidence to support the existence of baby brain.”  Further stating that all the research to date is conflicting.  Well, that may be, but talk to a pregnant woman or new mom or mom with babies and toddlers, we will tell you in one word:  YES!

Another mother of 3 that I spoke with, she has a 6 week old, told me, “my memory when pregnant is very slippery and patchy at best.  I could be telling a story and forget my point mid-sentence. “

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What can I say, the research is spotty and Western Medicine to date doesn’t want to be on record saying that we are feeling is true, but moms and moms-to-be out there, we know what we can’t remember, right?  LOL.  Perhaps it will help just to know that we are not alone, that other expectant women and moms with young ones experience this, often, daily even.  Let’s just take some deep breaths, laugh it off whenever possible, get as much sleep as we can, and not be too hard on ourselves when our memory fails us.  Now if you can remember anything that you just read in this article…you may be cured or in labor!  😉

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Alisa B. Donner, MSW, LCSWCo-Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month, and Mom to an Amazing Wonder

Special thanks to photographer Ingrid Franz Moriarty for this fantastic image!

**REMINDER – Pregnancy Awareness Month’s blog post is for moms and expectant parents by moms (and of course some experts sprinkled in – and some mom’s are licensed board certified experts!).  HOWEVER, we are not giving blanket ADVICE on what you should be doing, eating, how you should be exercising, parenting, etc.  These are opinions, food for thought….think about it all, talk with your mate, and when it comes to diet, exercise, and health questions, ALWAYS discuss and seek advice from your medical health provider.


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