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Myths of Breastfeeding Twins


I will never forget my reaction when the ultrasound technician told me she saw 2 babies in my belly…sheer panic. All I could think was ‘how will we ever manage this’? I know now, after talking to many other moms of multiples, that I was not the first to have such a reaction to this overwhelming news. I’m happy to say that those feelings only lasted a few hours, because after calling all my family and close friends with the news, their infectious joy and exuberance rubbed off, and I was beaming with pride and excitement from that day on. I knew it would be challenging in many ways, but I also knew that, if nothing else, I could be confident in my ability to feed my boys. Yes, I mean breastfeed my twins. Every woman should be confident in her body’s natural ability to feed her babies. So let’s dispel some of the most common myths about breastfeeding twins:

Myth #1- You probably can’t make enough milk for two babies so you’ll have to use some formula.

Fact- Your body knows that you have two (or more) babies because you have two placentas or one large placenta, so it is preparing your breasts to make enough for two. If you do the work of bringing your babies (or a pump) to the breast frequently and regularly, then you absolutely can make plenty of milk for them.

Myth #2- It is too difficult to breastfeed both babies at the same time.

Fact- Once you have a little one-on-one practice, it’s very easy to latch both babies on and get the job done in half the time. Tandem nursing can help keep your supply up and allows you more time between feedings to rest. It’s also just really fun! Especially when your little ones interact and smile at each other while nursing together. It’s really precious, and frankly, you will feel like a superhero.

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Myth #3- You’ll be stuck at home breastfeeding all day.

Fact- I think it’s easier to get out of the house when you breastfeed because you never have to worry about taking enough bottles and formula along. Anytime, anywhere, you are ready and able to soothe and feed your babies like no one else can.

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Myth #4- It will be easier to pump and bottle feed so I know exactly how much my babies are getting.

Fact- Finding the time to pump while caring for two babies is much harder than just putting them to the breast when they need it. Add to that the time it takes to prepare bottles, feed the babies, burp them, and then clean everything…exhausting!  

Successful breastfeeding begins with confidence. Arm yourself with the knowledge and the expert help you need to make your experience positive and rewarding, and you will see just how amazing it feels to breastfeed your twins.

Kelli Venaas, RN, CLE

The Pump Station and Nurtury

Mom of 3: a daughter and identical twin boys

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