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Five Summer Water Play Ideas

When I think about my childhood summers, water play was a huge part of how my sister and spent our time. We loved nothing more than racing through the sprinkler on a late summer afternoon. It doesn’t get much simpler than a sprinkler head attached to a hose, yet it provided countless hours of amusement for us.  We didn’t need bells and whistles. We just needed  our family and a bit of water. Not much has changed in the past thirty years, because my kiddos love their sprinkler time just as much as I did. For me, summer really is about spending quality time with my family. And you can bet there is usually some water involved in said quality time. Come over to our house on the weekend and I bet you’ll find us splashing around in the water at least once! This July at Pregnancy Awareness, we’re focusing on summer fun, family travel and safety. In honor of this month’s topics, we created Pinterest boards focused on each of them. Water play makes up a large chunk of our summer fun board and I’ve rounded up a slew of my favorite water play pins for you today:

  1. 90 Simple Ideas for Water Play Fun
  2. Painting with Water
  3. Water Games for Kids to Play to Stay Cool
  4. DIY Water Blasters
  5. DIY Water Wall

So, whether you use these ideas or decide to simply make use of your sprinkler, I urge you to grab your family and head outside for some good old fashioned water play this summer!

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