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First Four Years of Motherhood With Fatigue Disorder

Over the past few decades fatigue disorders of all kinds seem to have reached disproportionate numbers amongst woman, especially Mothers. Fatigue disorder “X” (autoimmune disorder, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, thyroid disorder). I have found that many of these are co-existing disorders, and are all related to the endocrine system (regulates hormone secretion in your body) which is responsible for metabolism, sleep, mood, and energy.

After child birth when hormones are at an all time high, women become vulnerable to these disorders. It was an accumulation of beliefs, behaviors, genetics and just plain ignorance, which allowed my situation to get to a critical point over a four year period.

Year One – I was a ecstatic! After the birth of my daughter Layla, all my endorphins were going. In a euphoric effort to make Layla’s world perfect, I nearly achieved all I set out to do. After all, I am a career mom, who can overcome any obstacles, physical or mental, and move heaven and earth to make things happen! OK, I am tired just saying all that. But I was running purely off adrenaline. I used my bonus uppers to become supermom. I was producing a film, breastfeeding, making sure Layla was hitting all your development milestones, maintaining a home, and keeping my finger on the pulse of all the latest research. I did it, I made it through the year, all missions accomplished…

Year Two – Fatigue. Chasing after a curious two year old became less fun. I needed frequent naps, more then Layla did actually. Eating became a “go to” fuel, any kind of food that helped kick the adrenals up and get the blood sugar going, and I didn’t worry about the extra 30 lbs of weight, it would come off eventually? Right now energy was in demand and supplies were low, I needed to up the ante, coffee, sugar, carbs whatever gave the instant fix. Meanwhile, work become tiresome, clarity was missing, juggling and multitasking were no longer second nature. The things I had taken for granted I could no longer rely on, so frustration and self doubt set in along with the exhaustion. I just wanted to make it through the day, to get to a restful sleep in hopes to wake and find energy regained. It never came, nor was the sleep restful.

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Year Three – Total Breakdown. I experienced a full shift in my physical body. Constant sinus infections, headaches, muscle pains, weight gain, hair lose; all unexplainable but chronic. I looked outside myself for answers. Doctors gave me one dose of antibiotics after another, steroids were introduced to reduce inflammation in my body and I entered into a vicious cycle. I was sick for the entire year. I could barely smile at my daughter let alone play with her. I was depressed, frustrated and feeling pretty helpless. The concept of Super Mom now shattered to say the least.

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Year Four – Self-Empowerment! I took matters into my own hands and I came across a naturopath who ultimately helped me save my life. Nurturing the body, soul and mind was the solution. I discovered that with any autoimmune, adrenal fatigue, or chronic illness it is the body’s way of letting you know there is imbalance, and the body requires a certain amount of harmony to function properly.

I still suffer at times, but I manage it through diet, rest, exercise and just plain slowing down when I need to. In the long run my body took care of me, it just needed to give me a wake up call. So now I listen to my body as one of my jobs in addition to motherhood.


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