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Taking Care of your Baby Gear: Top 4 Safety Hazards That Can Compromise Your Gear


One of the most important purchases a new parent makes is a car seat and stroller. Children spend many hours sleeping, eating, and drinking in their car seat or stroller. It is easy for parents to think less about the care of these items. While regular messes, like sand, playground dirt, etc. – usually won’t affect mobility of the stroller or even health of the child, there are other hazards that potentially could. At CleanBeeBaby, we have seen it all. Here is a list of some of the top safety hazards we’ve dealt with:


Mold is one of the most common things we find on car seats and strollers that are left outside, in the garage or on the porch. These strollers usually take 3-4 attempts to get clean. While we manage to kill the mold, the stains don’t always come out completely. It is imperative for caregivers to cover their items if they’re going to be left in damp, exposed areas.


Aside from covering your baby gear when it’s left outside, be sure to inspect your gear to ensure insects aren’t there when you put your child in. A jogging stroller had been left outside uncovered in the rain. When it was brought in to be cleaned, it was covered in mold and had spiders living in it. Another jogging stroller that had been left outside had microscopic mites on it. The mites wouldn’t die even after direct steam heat was held on them for several minutes!

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Be sure to often inspect your car seat for any damage structural damages. A car seat was brought to us that had literally been eaten apart by a mouse, yes…a mouse! Apparently, the mouse had gotten into the vehicle and caused major damage to the car seat. Much of the base and fabric had been chewed apart and the structural integrity of the car seat was so compromised, it needed replacing.


Vomit spills in a car seat should be cleaned up as quickly as possible because it’s very acidic and could compromise the tautness of the straps. Dried vomit can also cause safety issues with the car seat’s buckle causing it to get stuck. Be sure to clean any excess food or liquid spills that may have gotten on the car seat’s buckle. Also, remember to replace the car seat buckle if you notice any signs of damage from excess food or liquid spills.We know how busy and overwhelmed parents can get, remember: regular care and cleaning of your items is imperative. But hey, that’s what CleanBeeBaby is for. It’s what we know and what we do. For more information on CleanBeeBaby and our services, visit www.cleanbeebaby.com.

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