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The Creative Expansive Journey of Becoming a Mother

Sometimes I am asked questions about the journey of motherhood, like : What is the best part about becoming a mom?  What is the best part about being pregnant? What did I learn, and what did I get from the experience? For me it was so many things. Feeling deeply connected to other women of all walks of life, as I looked around and saw how many of us had children, and having the thought, well, if they could do it, so could I! Being at peace with myself and my body as I watched it change was tantamount to my learning, unsure if it would ever change back to how it was before, and watching myself no longer care if it did and by the way it did! I loved getting to cut the line in public bathrooms! You only have the pregnancy card for a short while… I recommend to always play it.  There is nothing like the feeling of the insane love and euphoria I felt holding my babies for the first time, the kind of love no one can ever tell you about, because there are no words.

But there were also a few very unexpected things that happened along the way. I want to share my experience with the women who read this, about allowing the flow of life to happen and embracing the good fortune that comes with having babies.  One thing I began to notice right away, once I was pregnant with my first child, was how many incredible ideas were flooding through me. My business partner, Kris, went through the exact same thing.  Creativity at it’s best. Our company began with the impending patter of little feet, some spare time and a lot of grilled cheeses.  Yes.  Pregnant.  And very, very big.

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Kris had always been a knitter, a sewer, and a weaver since she was a little girl.  So it was natural for her to create and make clothes for her little baby.   She made several pairs of shoes out of this idea she had… fluffy fuzzy angora baby booties.  She gave a few of these angora booties away at her mommy and me yoga class.  The response was immediate and amazing.  Everybody loved them, they wanted more.  Pretty soon the demand was so high Kris started to charge money for them, because they were so much work.  The next thing she knew she was a mommy and in business.  I came along a few years later,  when… I gave birth to my son Elijah.  I got the very booties that Kris had made, as gift.  I became obsessed, and tracked Kris down, became friends with her, and eventually I convinced her to let me become a partner in the business.  It was really something so unexpected that came out of the whole parenting experience.

Creativity.  A flow. An unanticipated direction and a career which manifests simply from being a mom.  The marriage between parenting and getting to be involved with a company that is all about enhancing the parenting experience is a dream come true for me.  My wish for all you pregnant readers is to trust your creativity and your dreams.  Let this experience of being pregnant and becoming a mother take you somewhere you never thought possible.  Enjoy the expansive journey!

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Stephanie Garcia, partner in Yo My Booties, mom of 2

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