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Nurturing the New Mama

New mama’s need support! How do you nurture yourself while your focus is on learning how to care for your newborn?  Ergobaby had some amazing tips and advisement.

Becoming a mother is an incredible shift. Filled with beautiful moments, it’s also accompanied by a swift adjustment period. Finding a new flow between you, your babe and your partner takes patience and little support. Here are a few helpful tips that will ease the transition.

Go Lightly & Follow Your Babe

Take it easy and rest as much as time allows. The trick? Follow your babe. Try sleeping when your babe sleeps. Short power naps during the day will restore your energy quickly and make attending to your little one in the weehours of the morning much easier. If you’re not into naps, try what I call an ‘active-rest session’: Pop on an audio book (maybe that parenting book you didn’t get the time to read) and let your mind unfurl for a moment.


Let others know how they can best help you, including your partner. If your partner is going to be home with you during your maternity leave, consider delegating certain responsibilities to one another. It’s a great conversation to have before your babe even arrives. For example, you might handle the feeding, soothing, and diaper changes, and he or she can be responsible for baths, burping, and swaddling. Or you might take the daylight hours and your partner might do the nightshift. Setting tasks during the first few weeks helps instill parental confidence and will eventually transition into a fluid division of labor.

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Pump Up The Fluids

Make water, soups, fresh juices, nut milks, smoothies, and herbal tea the backbone of your diet during the first few weeks post-baby. Staying hydrated replenishes the fluids lost after birth and will bolster your milk supply if you’re breastfeeding.

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The Good Fats

Whole-fat foods are excellent for producing energy that lasts. Ideally, try incorporating whole-fat organic dairy products into your diet. Excellent vegan-friendly options include avocados and coconut oil, as well. Fat is essential in the manufacture of hormones, which are in the process of acclimating after birth. Good fat in every meal goes a long, long way.

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