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Spring Cleaning: Getting the Kids Organized

Are you like me and find that there really is some truth behind the term, “Spring Cleaning”? I know after what feels like a long winter being cooped up, it definitely feels like it’s time to get organized for a fresh new season. It’s also a great time to get the kids organized, from cleaning out old toy bins to updating closets and clothes for the warmer temperatures ahead. Here are three ways, using easy-to-find everyday supplies, that I’m working to get my kids’ clothes and toys refreshed.

1. Stacking Baskets – Often if kids can’t see it they won’t play with it. The toys at the bottom of the bin just sit there collecting dust. As I go through all the toys and decide what to keep or donate, I put larger items like balls and trucks in stacking baskets that are visible, like these found at The Container Store. I find that they also make cleaning up easier for little helpers.

2. Over the Door Organizer – These organizers don’t have to just be for shoes. They are great at holding stuffed animals, coloring books, cars, and just about anything that children play with a lot and that you don’t want to step on, ha. And since they go on the back of doors, guests don’t ever see the mess!

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3. Trunk Organizer – I have a trunk organizer that I live for. I actually have two if I’m being totally honest, ha. Each Spring and Fall I go through the organizer and update it with a seasonally appropriate change of clothes for each kiddo, snacks, and diaper supplies. You don’t want to be caught with a size 1 diaper on a size 4 kid. My trunk organizer helps me feel calm if I forget something at home and starting off each spring with it clean and organized feels great!

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These are just three small ways I’m doing some spring cleaning. How do you get organized for the season ahead?

Megan Yarmuth, a mother of two, is one of the co-founders of the lifestyle site BonBon Rose Girls where you’ll find chic fashion finds, style advice, recipes anyone can make, DIYs, travel guides, parenting anecdotes and more!

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