The Diaper Guru: How Many Diapers?

Diapers. “No, honey, I changed the last one. It’s your turn.” Why do diapers ignite such feels of duress and intimidation? Maybe it’s the screaming baby, kicking their tiny feet. Or does it have to do with the surprise lurking under those cute onesies? Alas, The Diaper Guru is here to teach you that diapers don’t have to be intimidating.

Perhaps my owning a diaper service and seeing thousands of dirties coming through each week, have numbed me of the diaper dread. But my thought is- why not have fun with them? Yes, there will be changes that will challenge your gag reflexes, but as baby gets older, those get fewer and fewer.

While teaching new moms in my diapering seminars, one of the most common questions is, “How many diapers do babies go through?” To be on the safe side, expect during the first few sleep-deprived weeks to change between eight to ten A DAY!!! Yes, I said per day. Don’t believe me, see for yourself. Your doctor will most likely want you to keep a 24-hour log of feedings and eliminations. Don’t worry though, as the weeks go by (and they do quickly) you will have fewer changes and after a few months you’ll be able to count on one hand the number of changes during the day.
According to WebMD (, the average age of potty training is about 37 months. That’s a lot of time and a lot of changes. Do that math and you’ll discover that comes to about 8000 diaper changes during infancy. Why not try to make this time fun? Why dread the two minutes while you and your baby get to spend time together during each change? One day, you’ll be missing these precious moments and wanting to kiss their little feet, even if that means you’d have to change the dirty diaper that is sure to come with it!

Next month: Turning the quantity of diaper changes into quality time with baby.
THE DIAPER GURU is a monthly Pregnancy Awareness Month column written by Laura Gately of Blessed Bums Organic Diaper Service. Laura is a happy mama to her first baby, Madeleine. She is the founder and owner of Blessed Bums Organic Diaper Service in Los Angeles where she lives with her family.
Photos used with permission of a Creative Commons license.

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