Mindfulness During Pregnancy and as a Mama

Seems like the new buzzword is mindfulness. And I must admit, as a yogini with a 15 year practice, I like this trend. Mindfulness as a mama or during pregnancy is really about the same thing, it is about being aware and paying attention to what is happening right now. #MindfulParent

When you are pregnant, you get into a zone that is very unique. In the past I have referred to it as internal. Pregnancy is a time in which you instinctively turn inward. You are reflective. You move slower. Your breath moves slower. Even your mind joins in that pace, some of us refer to it as pregnancy brain. I had the most amazing experiences meditating while I was pregnant. In fact, I’m positive that I may have reached the most peaceful places when I meditated concentrating on my belly, and placing my hands on my growing baby in my body and breathing. I would sing to her when I was alone. I would massage oil on my belly after the shower. It was magical, and mysteriously connecting me to life and the power of creation.

Postpartum is like a rude awakening at times. The quiet is gone, at least your control of it is. The exhaustion can feel overwhelming. The responsibility massive. When I think back to the first 3 months of my daughter’s life, it feels like we were all living in a dream. It was busy but we weren’t really doing much except sleeping, feeding, diaper changing, and feeding, and sleeping, and feeding….. Meditating? Pausing? Huh? Are you nuts? And when the toddler years came, forget about it. I turned into a sprinter and multitasking was the reality of my life. Balancing work and life and baby and me? No time for me. At least not on a regular basis.

That is precisely when I needed to be mindful the most. To search to be present in the moment, even when the moment is full of you being exhausted and hungry and reluctantly of service to your toddler, wow, gulp. Yep, I said it. Sometimes it’s not all bliss. But by acknowledging it, not looking away or being distracted by FB or the internet means I’m here, in my life. Fully. When the next moment comes of something super special and unique. Of the baby looking at me and smiling, or of her enjoying her first taste of a peach. I’m there, I’m right there. Enjoying it.

Mindfulness can take us out of being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It can shift us into enjoying the feeling of the sun on our shoulders as we carry the baby from the car into the house. Of hearing the birds chirping in the morning as we make our cup of coffee alone (thank the lord yes alone) in the kitchen for a full 10 minutes.

This month we explore mindfulness, being present, finding the pause button, learning to be fully awake instead of sleep walking. As a mom-to-be. As a new mom. As a working mom. As a lover. As a disciplinarian. As a human. When you take the time to register when you are having an experience in the present, really drink it in. And share it with us, as a comment here, or to us on FB. Use the hashtag#MindfulParent so we can find you and join you.

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